Momento Zero Vintage Brown
Momento Zero Vintage Brown

Welcome to Glenn's Pens

A fountain pen is an expression of you.

In an era of toss away and replaceable items, your fountain pen becomes one of your permanent possessions. From the moment you select your pen, to the pleasure of its ongoing use, there is an attachment you build with your pen. Your pen is personal. After all, your pen so very personal. The writing experience is personal and depending on the nib, it actually changes to reflect how you hold and use your pen.

If communication is a personal experience, a fountain pen is a fine accompaniment to this process.

Not only does the nib responds to your use, but the selected ink gives your writing a very personal characteristic.

I am an avid user of fountain pens, and Glenn's Pens is all about fountain pens, inks, stores and companies and the pleasure of owning and using a personally selected fountain pen. I hope you find the information on this site useful.,

Your Writing Experience

Your writing experience is a combination of your pen, the selection of ink and the paper you use. Fountain pens bring these three elements together seamlessly.

The pen, its size and shape determines how you hold the pen in your hand. A pen too big or small impacts how the nib rests on the paper and the writing line you will create. Fountain pens have a variety of nib options. While the ball of ball point pen is very similar; here, the fountain pen stands unique. From fine, medium, broad or stub the pen nib gives character to your pen strokes. Nibs can be firm or have flex... more options to make your pen and reflection of you.

Inks come in a variety of colours. The writing results vary from colours and tones that show shading as you write to a consistent line of colour. The colour! Oh the colours that are available enhance the writing experience.

Paper has its own characteristics and is an important part of the writing experience. The tactile experience of the receiver in the holding the paper is never to be underestimated.


Pen Stores

I visit pen stores when I travel, and I find some to be what I consider a great pen store. In my earlier travels, when I would arrive in a city, I would be looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel front desk about the possible location of pen stores.

I started collecting names and addresses of pen stores and published a listing - Directory of Stores. The first list was created some 20 years ago.

I also created a list of Great Pen Stores/Stores of Note. Recommended as such because of the selection, service, product line or atmosphere of the store.

I thank those who visit the site and provide recommendations of pen stores they have come across. Please send me a note with your thoughts on stores, pens or inks. Updates are greatly appreciated. Things change, in terms of store locations, and sadly, stores do close. All updates are greatly appreciated.

Thieves Strike in Rome

In August 2018 thieves broke into Novelli Pen in Rome and stole a substantial number of pens. This was a similar event that occurred with Corsani pen in Rome earlier in the year.

Marco published a list of the 800 or so stolen pens. Only the pens were taken, not the boxes or papers. If you see some great deal on-line, for "like-new" no box, no papers, check out Marco's list. Marco would appreciate hearing from you is you spot something that does not look right. is at this link. Note, this list will not show on a mobile device, view it from a computer.

I visited with Marco at the end of September. The store is once again well stocked with an impressive selection of pens. Likewise, Stefano of Corsani pen is fully open and has a great selection.




Fountain pens require ink.

Luckily, there is a wide selection of ink and not every ink performs the same with every brand of pen. I provide Ink Reviews to try to help.

Of course colours differ by monitors, but hopefully the reviews will be found helpful.

Graf von Faber Castel Cobalt Blue

hoteison by Pilot

This is one of the colours ofthe Pilot 100 Anniversary line of Iroshizuku ink. A beautiful dark green, and this is also the designed colour for the 2019 Marcus Travel Journal! Hotei-son is the god of good fortune and matrimonial bliss. Sounds like a good choice for a European trip!


Edelstein Olivine

Edelstein Ink of the Year

For 2018, the ink of the year is a beautiful green - Olivine. Production is limited to 2018. I really like this colour and stocked up on a supply.

» Ink Review & Information

Pelikan Edelstein Ruby Ink

Pelikan Edelstein Ruby

A rich refreshing red ink. It shares the good performance characteristics of the Edelstein line. Comes in a very attractive bottle also.

» Ink Review & Information

About Pens

This section of the site includes general information about fountain pens. 

I also include photes and reviews of my  Pens of Note.   These are the pens in my collection that I particularly enjoy how they feel to hold and my writing experience.

As 2018 closed I thought about the new pen companies that have emerged from the closing of other companies. See Pen Views.

Stipula Corsani

Visconti Corsani

I really like this pen. In September 2017 I met with Stefano Senatore of Corsani Pen in Rome and he showed me his newest pen, The Octagonal. Now I have new goal!

Visconti Medici

Visconti Medici

I acquired this pen when I visited Novelli in 2017. When Marco showed me this pen, it went into the "pens I want" tray.

» Review of the Medici

elikan Souveran 800 Renaissance

Pelikan Souverän Renaissance Brown. When visit Novelli Pen in Rome I just had to leve the store with this beautiful special edition of the M800 Line.

» Review and photos


Momento Zero

Leonardo Officina Italiana - Momento Zero

» Review and photos


Returned from Italy at the end of the September brining back an exciting new pen by Leonardo Officina Italiana - the Furore.

» Information on the pen and the line.

Momento Zero Vintage Brown

On my September visit to Novelli Pen in Rome, I saw it and had to have it, the beautiful Momento Zero Vintage Brown, in resin.

» Review and Photos

Montegrappa Extra Otto - Lapis

I returned from Italy with a beautiful Montegrappa Extra Otto Lapis.

» Review and Photos Coming

La Verde Roma

When at Novelli Pen in Rome I had a first look at the La Verde Roma, a partnership of Novelli Pen & Pipe and Stilograph Corsani - two of the leading pen stores in Rome, with Montegrappa to make a special pen to celebrate Rome. La Verde Roma is now available through both the stores. I know what I want for Christmas!.

Scribo feel the writing

In September when I was in Rome I met with Luca Baglione of Scrittura Bolognese - SCRIBO to talk the company and their new line of pens that will be available come November..

SCRIBO - "feel the writing" and based on my experience, it is going to be a good feel!

» About Scrittura Bolognese - SCRIBO

SCERIBO - feel the writing

» Review of the FEEL pen

Pen Companies

I provide information on the companies that create fountain pens. I have been fortunate to visit with a number of the pen companies in Italy and provide information on my visit to the factory and my discussions with their leaders.

Many of the pens from these companies are highlighted in my Pens of Note section.



Maiora Pen has revived the Nettuno 1911 line of pens. The pens are now available in various pen stores.

» Nettuno 1911


SRIBO - feel the writing

Glenn Marcus with Luca Baglione of SCRIBO.

» Information on Scrittura Bolognese - Scribo

» Review of the SCRIBO FEEL fountain pen


I am pleased to introduce and provide information on Leonardo Officina Italiana.

When in Naples I visited the Leonaardo workshop. More soon.

» Leonardo Pens.

Pen Views

From time to time I write about a topic that captures my interest in my Pen Views column. Everything from pen cases, new models, price and ink prices, or marketing trends.

At Novelli Pen

Friends of mine were in Rome and spent some time at Novelli Pen, here is their video: » Shopping at Novelli


Milosz Pierwola

I maintain a travel journal to record my travels. Valuable to recall places and names. Montegrappa put out a blurb about how world explorer Milosz Pierwola carries a Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen to write in his journal.

We could be taken for twins! And, we both enjoy writing with the classic Extra 1930 fountain pen.

Vancouver Pen Club

If you live in Vancouver, BC Canada, or are visiting, the Vancouver Pen Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Drop an email to the club to confirm the meeting location.