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A fountain pen is permanent and not a pen that is tossed when the ink supply run drys. Phones or mobile devises we use to "write" an-email will typically be replaced with each updated version. Your fountain pen is kept for a much longer time. In fact, it probably will be passed down to others.

Writing with a fountain pen is a personal experience. The nib and the ink both give character to your writing. An experience that can not be created with a ball point or roller ball pen.

Pen Stores

On my travels I regularly visit pen stores and I am pleased when I find a great pen store. Those are to be remembered.

My earlier travels would require looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel about the location of pen store. So I started collecting names and addresses of pen stores and published a listing - Directory of Stores. The first list was created some 20 years ago.

I also created a list of Great Pen Stores/Stores of Note. Recommended as such because of their selection, service, product line or atmosphere.

I thank those who have visited the site and provided recommendations of stores they have come across in their travels. Please send me a note with your thoughts on stores, pens or inks. Things change, and where a store is no longer at a location noted, a quick note back isbe greatly appreciated.


A fountain pen requires good ink. There is a wide selection of ink and not every ink performs the same every brand of pen. I provide Ink Reviews to try to help.

Pen Views

Each month or so, in my Pen Views column, I write about a variety of topics relating to pens. Everything from pen cases, new models, price and ink prices, or marketing trends.

About Pens

Under About Pens I have included general information about fountain pens as well photos and reviews of my Pens of Note. The Pens of Note are those pens in my collection that seem I find are particularly a pen of note.



Glenn Marcus with OMAS 360 Vintage writing in his travel journal in Rome.

The Italians

A talk on the great Italian pen companies. June 2014 - Vancouver Pen Club.

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Which of your pens are "not for sale". Members of the Vancouver Pen Club talk about and show the pens that are truly special, and never for sale!
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OMAS Extra Lucens 2013

OMAS Extra Lucens 2013

I have my fingers crossed on this. There are only 331 of these pens. My wife has already contacted Marco at Novelli Pen in Rome and I am hoping to pick up this baby when we are there.

Delta Fusion Tidal Pools

Chatterley Star Collection: Tidalpool

» A stunning pen now part of my Pens of Note


Delta Fusion Tidal Pools

Louis Vuitton
Cabinet d'Ecriture

In June 2012 I had visited with the Louis Vuitton Cabinet d'Ecriture - a store created for one year to celebrate the art of written correspondence. Read More.