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A fountain pen is one of your permanent possessions. Not something that is tossed when the ink runs dry. There is an attachment to your pen. Your pen is personal. Not only is owning a fountain pen personal, but writing with a fountain pen is a personal experience. The nib responds to the hand. The ink selected gives your writing a personal characteristic.

I am an avid user of fountain pens, and Glenn's Pens is all about fountain pens, inks, stores and companies and the pleasure of owning and using a personally selected fountain pen.


June 7 - Let's Meet at Plume et BillePlume & Bille Pen Meet-Up

Meet Brigitte Courson and Glenn Marcus at a pen event:

Rencontrez Brigitte Courson et Glenn Marcus lors d'un événement de plume:

Wed 7 Jun 2017
5 - 9 pm
Plume et Bille
38, rue de l'Arcade

If you are in Paris in June, and doesn't that have a nice ring to it, let's meet up at Plume et Bille, one of the best pen stores in Paris on Wednesday June 7th!

I visit with Brigitte Courson of Plume et Bille each when when I am in Paris and last year. I regularly hear how a reader of the site has just visited the store. So we decided to have a evening pen event.

Of course, if you are in Paris do visit Plume et Bille, but if you are there on Wednesday June 7th, then come by Plume et Bille any time after 5 pm and we can meet, I will introduce you to Brigitte and of course her carefully picked selection of pens. I think we can have a drink also!

Click here for details and maps to find the store as well as the cloest Metro Stop. If you are arranging your itinerary mark Wednesday, 7 June 2017 to be at at Plume et Bille between 5 and 9. I can hear the glasses clinking now!

Plume et Bille

Plume et Bille Information

Pen Stores

I visit pen stores when I travel, and I find some to be what I consider a great pen store. In my earlier travels, when I would arrive in a city, I would be looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel front desk about the possible location of pen stores.

I started collecting names and addresses of pen stores and published a listing - Directory of Stores. The first list was created some 20 years ago.

I also created a list of Great Pen Stores/Stores of Note. Recommended as such because of the selection, service, product line or atmosphere of the store.

I thank those who visit the site and provide recommendations of pen stores they have come across. Please send me a note with your thoughts on stores, pens or inks. Updates are greatly appreciated. Things change, in terms of store locations, and sadly, stores do close. All updates are greatly appreciated.



Fountain pens require ink.

Luckily, there is a wide selection of ink and not every ink performs the same with every brand of pen. I provide Ink Reviews to try to help.

Of course colours differ by monitors, but hopefully the reviews will be found helpful.


Graf von Faber Castel Cobalt Blue

Kyo-iro ink from Japan

Kyo-iro, also known as Kyo-no-oto inks are made in Kyoto Japan. Crafted from traditional Japnese dyeing techniques. These are water-based inks, for use in fountain pens. Interesting colours, with so far a beautiful blue-black and a moss green. I came across the ink, has some bottles shipped over and I am enjoying.

» See Review

Montblanc Permanent Grey Limited Edition

Montblanc Limited Edition Permanent Grey

Here is a case where I got invited to the party rather late! This ink, which in a Limited Edition to celebrate Meisterstück 90th Anniversary, I only got to try half way through 2016. It has a darker tone than many greys, and I like it. Yes, it is permanent!

» See Review

Caran d'Ache Magnetic Blue

Montblanc Limited Edition Leo Tolstoy

Oh what a beautiful blue, the good think is that this is a blue I really like, the bad thing is that this is part of a limited run ink.

» See Review

About Pens

This section of the site includes general information about fountain pens. 

I also include photes and reviews of my  Pens of Note.   These are the pens in my collection that I particularly enjoy how they feel to hold and my writing experience.

Pen Companies

I provide information on the companies that create fountain pens. I have been fortunate to visit with a number of the pen companies in Italy and provide information on my visit to the factory and my discussions with their leaders.

Pen Views

From time to time I write about a topic that captures my interest in my Pen Views column. Everything from pen cases, new models, price and ink prices, or marketing trends.

At Novelli Pen

Friends of mine were in Rome and spent some time at Novelli Pen, here is their video: » Shopping at Novelli

Glenn Marcus with his comb-o  notebook

I am enjoying the  Comb-o Notebook that I acquired a few years algo while in Italy. They are available on-line from comb-o.com , more information in Pen Views. I am writing with my new Delta 1982-2012 fountain pen which I have described in Pens of Note


I maintain a travel journal to record my travels. Valuable to recall places and names. Montegrappa put out a blurb about how world explorer Milosz Pierwola carries a Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen to write in his journal.

We could be taken for twins! And, we both enjoy writing with the classic Extra 1930 fountain pen.

If you live in Vancouver, BC Canada, or are visiting, the Vancouver Pen Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month, with the exception December, from 6:30 pm at Perks at 5844 Cambie. Take the Canada Line Metro to Oakridge.

For more information on the Vancouver Pen Club contact Maja Furlong