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A fountain pen is one of your permanent possessions and not a pen that is tossed when the ink supply runs dry. You build an attachment to your pen. I often hear how a particular pen has been passed down from a family member and means so much to the individual.

Not only is owning a fountain pen personal, but writing with a fountain pen is a personal experience. The nib and the ink selected both give writing a personal characteristic.

Glenn's Pens is all about pens, with emphasis on fountain pens.

Pen Stores

On my travels I visit pen stores. Some are great pen stores because of the experience. In my earlier travels when I arrived in a city I would be looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel front desk about the location of pen stores. I started collecting names and addresses of pen stores and published a listing - Directory of Stores. The first list was created some 20 years ago.

I also created a list of Great Pen Stores/Stores of Note. Recommended as such because of the selection, service, product line or atmosphere of the store.

I thank those who visit the site and provide recommendations for pen stores they come across. Please send me a note with your thoughts on stores, pens or inks. Updates are greatly appreciated. Things change, in terms of store locations, and sadly, stores do close.


A fountain pen requires ink. There is a wide selection of ink and not every ink performs the same with every brand of pen. I provide Ink Reviews to try to help. Of course colours differ by monitors, but hopefully the reviews will be found helpful.

Graf von Faber Castel Cobalt Blue

Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue

Everyone once in a while a truly great blue comes around. This is my current top blue ink.

Montblanc Twilight Blue

Montblanc Limited Edition Twilight Blue

I am really enjoying this blue, but as aLimited Edition release, I know it will not be around forever. Enjoy it while you can use it!

Caran d'Ache Magnetic Blue

Caran d'Ache Magnetic Blue

Rounding my blues, this is a solid colour and I really enjoy the slanted bottle design. Good tall bottle, best for filling a pen.


Pen Views

Each month or so, I write about a topic that captures my intereset in my Pen Views column. Everything from pen cases, new models, price and ink prices, or marketing trends.

About Pens

This section of the site includes general information about fountain pens as well photos and reviews of my Pens of Note. Pens of Note are pens in my collection that I particularly enjoy h ow they feel and how they write.