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The often quoted phrase: "when one door closes another opens" sometimes sounds trite, but here is a case where it is very true. As OMAS, the iconic Italian pen company closed, a new company emerged. The new company is Scrittura Bolognese, or SCRIBO.


In September 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting with Luca Baglione to talk about Scrittura Bolognese – SCRIBO.

SCRIBO is a new company that was started with former employees of OMAS. I must admit, it was a great meeting and conversation. Luca is dynamic and full of enthusiasm. As he talked about SCRIBO, the current pens and the pens they are planning to release I was impressed. Luca is not a dry numbers-based CEO. He is a person with a passion for fountain pens. I believe he definitely has the energy to make this new company a success.

There may be some unknowns as a new company starts, but the foundation for success has been well laid. I was impressed with the attention to detail. The passion of the pen as an important means in our communications, and the acknowledgment of the important of communicating.

Luca explained the thoughts that led to SCRIBO being started. The employees of OMAS had a passion, and were deeply disappointment at the decision made to end the company and sell the brand. Taking this passion forward, the day OMAS ended, SCRIBO started.

The company acquired all of OMAS nib tooling that was located at Bock in Germany. The tooling at Bock was used exclusively to produce OMAS nibs, and in fact, owned by OMAS. With the acquisition of the tooling, Scrittura Bolognese – SCRIBO

now has produces what are in essence the former OMAS nibs. This is a great asset for the company as the OMAS nibs were know for their high quality.

With the closing of OMAS, in 2016 Luca Baglione, as CEO, and his partner Elena, as CFO, became the two co-founders of the new company. SCRIBO has about six former OMAS employeers - great foundation to start a great pen company.

The first pens launched by SCRIBO were private label pens. Then, the next venture was to create SCRIBO’s first Limited and Special Edition Pens.

SCRIBO is located in Bologna, Italy


SCRIBO – Scrittura Bolognese S.r.l.

Via Frassinago 18/2
40123 Bologna – Italy
+39 051 9921928

web site



SCRIBO Letteratura

Lettertura Box


The first limited/special edition fountain pen is the Letteratura.

SCRIBO refers to this pen as the Art of Writing Limited Edition fountain pen. Production was limited to 100 pens. It is a large pen with weight, the metal body has written words in a spiral form that appear in layers as if pages has been torn from a book. The words on the body are from Homer, Dante and García Márquez. A handmade magnifying glass is included with the pen to assist with reading the words engraved on the pen. There is a smooth nib section in metal where the fingers comfortably rest. The letters to make up the word LETTERATURA run vertically along the clip of the pen.

The top of the cap includes the SCRIBO logo, a most appropriate icon, the quill.

The pens are made in 925 sterling silver and natural resin. In addition to the fountain pen, there are 100 roller balls made of the same material. As special items, ten fountain pens and ten roller balls pens are made in 18 carat gold. A 14 carat gold flex nib is also available. The engraving on the top of the pen reads: ARTE DELLA SCRITTURA.

The size of the pen is large, but in the same general size as other large fountain pens. Length is 143 mm and 17 mm wide. The fountain pens are fitted with a 18 carat gold nib available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad width. The nib section has an Ebonite feed for smooth consistent ink delivery. The pen will hold 1.42 ml of ink.



SCRIBO has followed the Letteratura with a second Limited/Special Edition - the Pittura.

Painting is another tool of communication. The paintings of the Altamira Cave, in the north of Spain close to Santander, have motivated the creation of this pen. The fountain pen is piston filled, made of 925 both polished and antique silver with lacquer and blue/black resin turned by hand from a solid bar. On the cap of the pen are reductions of the cave paintings found in the Altamira cave and in the excavations of Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria. The body of the pen made with hand made casting with high relief Mesopotamic and Egyptian writing images.

With the pen, in its presentation box, comes four bottles of ink: blue/black, orange, green and turquoise. There are also eight handmade charcoals and a sketchbook in the box.

The piston filled fountain pen is made from 925 sterling silver, enamel and natural resin. There are 100 fountain pens, 100 roller balls. In addition there are 10 fountain and 10 roller ball pens made in 18 carat gold. The engraving on the top of the pen reads: ARTE DELLA SCRITTURA.

This pen is slightly larger than the Letteratura being 150 ml in length and 18.5 mm in width. The pen is fitted with a 18 carat or 14 carat gold nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad width. The nib unit has an ebonite feed.

Pittura by SCRIBO
Pittura Box





In 2018 SCRIBO has been launched. The FEEL is the regular line of fountain pens. Only fountain pens, these pens are serious business. They have nibs made with the original OMAS tooling equipment. Read my review on the SCRIBO FEEL.

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