glenn's Pens


Good looking but poor design


Colours: Blue, Black, Night Blue, Turquoise, Sienna

Although the square bottles were smart good looking ink bottle but the bottles were next to useless in terms of fill up a pen. There is style and there is function. The best is when the two meet.

Dupont Ink Bottle


Last year when I was in Paris I walked by a ST Dupont boutique and saw the new bottle. Shaped in an oval with a distinctive point. It hold 50 ml of ink. Is heavy and looks as impressive as hell on the desk. From a design and function perspective, it will has an error in that it is broader rather than deeper.


  • Blue - The blue, available in bottles, is somewhat similar in colour to Waterman Florida Blue, but with less saturated tone. I found it a tad light in tone for my liking. Because I was having difficulty filling my pen from the shallow bottle my time with this ink was limited.
  • Black - I have not used this colour, however, the black is described as a "wonderful black ink, with no problem clogging pens, good with even broad-nib pens". (Thanks: M Ferrier)


Dupont Blue