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Edelstein Olivine Ink

Edelstein ink, my Pelikan, is a very good performing ink. It comes in a range of vivid colours. Edelstein translate to gem stone, and each of the colours are to correspond to a gem colour.

Not only is the ink a good performer, but it comes in a great bottle. The 50 ml bottle, a glass falcon, has a unique shape in that each bottle is a little differnt. There are smooth curves to the bottle. You just like holding the ink bottle.

The company started a great trend. In addition to its standard line of colours, but each year they issue an Ink of the Year. The ink is available that year and then as stocks sell out, it is unavailable. The odd time, like with Aquamarine, the 2016 Ink of the Year, they added this colour to the ongoing production line.

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