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Edelstein Olivine Ink

Edelstein ink, produced by Pelikan, is a very good performing ink. It comes in a range of vivid colours. Edelstein, translated to english means gem stone, and each of the colours are supposed to correspond to a gem stone colour.

Not only is this a good performing ink but it comes in a great bottle. The glass falcon, hold 50 ml ofink and each bottle has a bit of an unique shape. The bottle of heavy glass feels very good in the hand. Lots of smooth curves. You will like picking up your bottle of ink as often as you can.


Ink of the Year

The company started a great trend. In addition to its standard line of colours, but each year they issue an "Ink of the Year". The ink is available that year until the stocks sell out. In a couple of instances, and Ink of the Year will be added to its regular production. For example, Aquamarine, the 2016 Ink of the Year, was added to its ongoing production line.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ne sea vocent scripta abhorreant, facilisi explicari mel ne, ut quo vide ridens. Mei ex quodsi inciderint, quo ad quas deleniti definitionem, vis no wisi graecis offendit. Ius ut everti detraxit expetenda, meis civibus consectetuer ea usu. Ad qui option facilisis consequuntur, pro omnis aliquip vulputate te. Solum affert expetenda eos te, et vim sale iudico impetus, in appetere postulant ius. Alia nihil utroque ex sit.

Turmaline (Plum) 2012

Amber (Yello)2013

Garnet (Dark Red) 2014

Amethyst (Purple) 2015

Acquamarine (Teal) 2016

Smoky Quartz (Brown) 2017

Olivine (Olive Green) 2018

Star Ruby (Red/Burgundy-Pin) 2019

Moonstone (Grey) 2020

Regular Production Line

The regular production lines of ink include:

Onyx (Black),
Tanzanite (Blue-Black),
Sapphire (Blue),
Topaz (Turquoise Blue),
Jade (Light Green),
Aventurine (Green),
Mandarin (Oranage),
Ruby (Red)


Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Ink of the Year for 2019, this is a beautify red with a burguncy/pink tone. The ink is a well performing. Good flow. Dries in a reaasonable time and to a flat finish. I don't care for inks with a sheen. They are prone to streaking long after they have been laid on the paper.


Olivine Ink


This particular ink quikly made its way into my most used inked collected. I like the dark olive green tone of the ink. It looks great and leave a easy to take colour on the paer. Good performance. Dries in a reasonable time. Dries to a flar finish. No feathering or excess bleeding from the ink.

Edelstein Olivine


Smoky Quarz

Smoky Quartz