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Shikiori Tsukuyo-no-Minamo

Many of the inks from Japan have a linkage to nature. This collection of dye-based fountain pen ink, the Shikiori line, has four colours that represent the evening tones of moon and night each season. Yozakura has a subtle violet tone. Yokaki is close to a light oxblood. Yonga is a rich blue. Shimoyo is almost like a blue black.

Sailor says that the pro color series and gentle ink have been paired to create the Shikiori series.

The ink comes in an classy squarish bottle. An elegant look. The bottle is small, 20ml.





Yokaki - Summer Night Bonfire


This is a beautiful almost oxblood red. It has a crisp colour. Great flow, I have been using it and find it works great in both business and personal use.

Great bottle (good for filling pens, and good looks) and a beautiful writting ink.

Only downside is the price. These are 20 ml bottles.