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Available in: Blue, Blue Black, Jet Black, Sepia, Claret, Turquoise

On a trip to my local pen store, Vancouver Pen, I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of bottles of Yard-O-Led writing ink. From what I understand, Yard-O-Led ink is made by other suppliers, with Diamine Ink of in England currently producing the line.

Given the price of the small Yard-O-Led bottles, when compared to that of Diamine, quantity and price is one of the things to consider.

My first reaction when I saw the size of the bottle, 28.4 ml (1 ounce) was the bottle would be too small. Well at least it is a relatively narrow bottle. And with the full bottle filling a pen was not difficult. As the ink went down in the bottle, filling becomes a challenge.

I liked the ink, although there was nothing outstanding. Should there be? Of course! It was a good performing ink. The colour tone was okay but I must admitt because of the size of the bottle, it was an ink that never made it into my regular rotation.