Inks of Note

Okay, I admit it. I am a tad of an addict with fountain pen ink. Over the many years that I have been a fountain pen enthusiast I have seen the select grown from a relatively few colours and brands to many colours and brands. Great options are out there. My Inks of Note are those inks that I tend to use more than others. Even among those, I tend to dark dark tone blue inks the most. Like many, I am almost on the lookout for the ultimate blue!

Mont Blanc
Petite Prince Sand of the Desert

This is a beautiful dark brown. There are no copper, orange or red tones, just simple straight forward brown. The ink has no shading, however, I believe because of that, it looks good whether it be a short note, or a couple of pages of writing. This ink was issued in 2019 with one of the limited edition pens, so it will not be around forever. I like the square crystal-like bottle. Will be a keeper long after the ink is gone! The performance of the ink is very good. Good flow, relatively quick dry time. It has worked fine on just about any pen I have loaded.



This is a beautiful green ink, Ink of the Year for 2018. A colour that looks great in full writing projects as well as short notes. Performance is good. The flow is smooth and the ink dries in a reasonable time.

Serenity Blue

Waterman Blue Black

This is one of my basics. For decades I have referred to this a Waterman Blue Black. Now it is called Serenity Blue. A well performing ink.

Rohrer & Klinkgner
Old Golden Green

Rohrer & Klinkgner - Old Goden Green

I like the olive, yellow/green tone green inks. Rohrer & Klingner has a line of fountain pen inks with 18 colours. Old Golden Green has developed into a favorite of mine. The company has been producing inks since 1892. They make a number of different lines of ink, so make sure you are selecting one of the Writing Inks. I find the Old Golden Green ink to have good flow characteristics although it will a slightly slower flow. No problem, just not one of the inks that just gushes our of the pen - and why would we want that anyway!