OMAS 360 Vintage

OMAS 360

Fifteen years after the launch of the popular OMAS 360 line, the company issued the first of its 360 Vintage Limited Edition pens. The first pen, in 2011 was a translucent resin in a beautiful blue tone. This was a pen I admired. But I was unable to obtain one with a broad nib.

In 2012, OMAS released the next in the 360 Vintage Limited Edition Line, a stunning translucent resin in a scarlet red. From the moment I read the news release about this pen, it was on my list of pens to have.

OMAS 360 Vintage RedOMAS says that the goal of the 360 Vintage Limited Edition lines is to glamorize the famous triangular model in a modern updated pen. I second that, as what I call the classic 360 is a pen of high looks.

The 360 Vintage in Red with silver accent trim.

The Limited Edition has 360 fountain pens made and 360 roller balls. On demand, OMAS would produce a combined fountain pen and roller ball set.

I acquired the 360 Vintage Red while at Novelli Pen in Rome. My wife has written Marco to say we would be in Rome and I was talking about this OMAS red pen. When I arrived in the store, there is was in the show case. It did not take long to make from show case, to the counter, to an ink bottle, to my hand!

OMAS 360 Vintage RedIt is a large pen, measuring just under 13.5 cm (6") when closed. Each of the sides is 1.5 cm (10/16"). Without the cap, the body and nib stretch a wonder 13 in length. I typically write with a pen posted and with the cap posted the pen stretches 17 cm - so it sits very comfortably in the hand and does not "end" at the top of the thumb/hand joint.

The resin in translucent, and you can see that there is ink in the chamber, and you can make out the threads of the piston mechanism. But the inner works show in a very subtle way and it is not as stark as the demonstrators can be with fully clear body and cap sections.

OMAS 360 Vintage Red

The 18k gold nib has the triangle shape engraved on the top with the name OMAS. It is a pleasure writing with the nib. This nib, being a broad, lays down an strong line of ink.

360 Vintage Teal

OMAS 360 Vintage TealJuly 2012 - OMAS announces the release of the 360 Vintage in a teal colour.

For two 360 Vintage pens to be issued so quickly was not what was expected. OMAS indicated this pen was manufactured for the US market only. Kenro Industries, the North American distributor would looking after distribution to the various pen stores.

I was very lucky indeed. My wife saw me looking at the pen in a magazine and she contact Novelli Pen in Rome and ordered the pen for me. Not sure if the idea was that we would go and pick it up (always looking for a reason to return to Rome) but in the end it was shipped to me in Canada.

The pens was produced in two finishes. One with silver-toned HT, another with rose gold-plated trim. I am happy with the silver finish. I think it looks very smart with the Teal colour.

OMAS 360 Vintage Teal

It is a stunning pen. In fact I receive more compliments when I use the Teal 360 Vintage than when I use the rich ruby red version. I can't rank any better than the other, but I must admit when the light hits this pen, it has a great look.

My pen arrived with a custom nib, and it is very smooth writing. There were 360 fountain pens produced, and I have #096.

The pen came in a large presentation box, cardboard frame. The bottle of turquoise ink that comes with the pen seemed to have a washed out look. Not dark enough for my liking, and after going through a number of colours I have typically rested with Waterman Inspired Blue or ku-jaku by iroshizuku. The latter is a deep dark turquoise. Quite stunning.

I often do not cap this pen when writing as it is very long and I find the pen goes a little too vertical in my hand. With the famous 360 triangular shape there is no worries of this pen rolling off the desk.