Waterman Edson


Waterman Edson

The Edson Line

Waterman debuted the Edson first in France and then in England. The Edson, was introduced in Midnight Blue to the North American market in 1993. The pen is dedicated to the founder of the company, Edson Waterman.

The pen has been produced in various colours and finished. The classics in my view are the Midnight Blue, issued in 1993, followed with the Emerald Green in 1995 and the Ruby Red body colour as the last of the translucent colours. The pen has a translucent appearance due to a very narrow space between the barrel and the inner lining. This allows light to pass through and give the body a translucent appearance.

Waterman Edson - BlueIn 2004, or about that year, the pen was re-issued in all metal body.

In 2008 the pen was re-issued as the Diamond Black.

In addition to the production lines in blue, green, red, Diamond Black and chrome, the Waterman Edson has a Limited Edition which is is overlaid with palladium-coated sterling silver, featuring a distinctive elliptical form and precisely chiseled guilloche decoration. There were 4,000 pens of this limited edition produced.

First Impressions

Waterman Edson - GreenI was impressed with the pen from the very first time that I saw the pen. Although it was over a year later that I finally purchased the Edson in Green. I thought the pen cost too much but then I later went back to the pen and it became one of my must haves!

It was not just I was now willing to pay more. Rather I found myself admiring the pen and each time I tried the pen at my local pen store, well, it just kept calling for me!

Waterman Edson - RubyThe inlaid nib is visually stunning. The cap has a strong sleek clip. The small touch points for the cap to grab as it is capped create interesting visuals on the nib section.

The nib sections are not black, but rather semi-translucent at the upper end and they are coloured to match to the body of the pen. Keep that in mind in case you order a replacement of second nib.

My first, Emerald Green Edson, came with a Stub Nib. That had to be specifically ordered so it meant a bit of a wait but it was worth it. I purchased the pen at Vancouver Pen, and the value of shopping in a store pays off, as that is where you can get the specific nib style ordered.

Waterman Edson - Green

I continually receive comments when I use the Edson. People often refer to it as my "big funky pen" I think because of the almost art deco styling of the cap and clip.

 I was so taken with the pen, and for the next few years turned off by the style of many of the pens that seemed to come out over the next few years that I decided to stay with what I liked.


Waterman Edson - BllueI next bought the fountain pen in Blue and then, what the heck, might as well have all three, I also purchased the Ruby Red.

I have also acquired the Roller Ball and the ball point pen to complete one of the set in green.

You will find the serial number for the pen engraved on the side of the clip at the top.

The pen has a solid 18 karat gold nib with an inlaid design. Firm but very smooth writing. You will find the serial number for the nib section on the inside along the top of the nib section where the converter inserts. The nib gives a very smooth writing experience although it is stiff. No flex to this nib.

The cap snaps in place, held by three spring-loaded studs.

This is one classy pen; it has great style. The snap-on cap is secure. No fear of over-tightening the screw-on tops. The threaded brass body gives this pen a solid feel. The rubber gasket there, ahead of the threads, meals a good tight seal.


Waterman Edson

Waterman Edson