Krone Sterling

Krone Sterling

My other Krone pen is The Sterling. Described in the pen catalogue as “simplicity and elegance” I can only say the description is very apt.

Krone Sterling Fountain PenI have quite a few pens, but using this classic looking sterling silver pen is consistently resulting in compliments.

The pen is made with .925 sterling silver. It has weight. The overall appearance of the pen is sleek despite the overall substantial size of th pen.

The cap screws onto the body making the pen feel very secure.

Krone SterlingThe etched design runs the length of the pen except for the nib section. This gives the pen a classic look and I find it helps with the feel and grip of the pen. The etched design also helps to ward off the “finger print” issue that silver pens can have when there is no pattern.

The pen is 5 3/4" in length with closed with the cap on. With the cap posted, the pen is 6 3/4" long. With this pen I have been using the pen without posting cap. When the cap is posted, it needs a slight twist to help sit firmly on the pen. You will probably find at 5 1/4" inches without the cap posted it has a good length to rest in your hand.

The pen clip, always an important consideration when I view a pen, is of a good size (1 3/4" to a 2 3/4" cap). There is enough spring to the clip to securely be clipped in a shirt pocket.

The pen uses a cartridge or converter fill mechanism.

Twisting off the nib section from the body is very smooth. A good metal to metal screwing mechanism.

A regular size converter enables you to use any ink you wish.

So for me, 2009 started off on the right foot. My two Krone pens are "regulars" as I make the selection of pens to accompany me for the day.

Now, when I see the next profile of a Krone pen in one of the pen magazines, I will be looking at the ad from the eyes of an owner of a Krone pen. That feels good!


Krone STerling