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There is so much to see in Rome and for a pen enthusiast. Novelli Pen & Pipe should be on the list.

Novelli is a great pen store. It is a long established store, in business for over 40 year. The store carries both regular and limited edition pens from all the major brands. It is one of the store that not only have I had an exceptional experience in both looking at and buying pens, but I hear on a regular basis excellent reviews from others. Marco and the staff, including Miki and Derek all speak English so there is need for hesitation in terms of having limited Italian languge skills!

As you arrive at the store the display windows show many of the great brands of pens. As with many stores in Italy, there is a little of everything in the window. Once inside, there are wall display cases along the left side and a counter along the right.

I always enjoy walking along the wall case, it is like a walk down "pen runway" with a display for each of the major brands. If you don't see a particular pen do ask. Trays of pens from the back room will be brought out.

The store is located on a relatively quite street, but just a block in from one of the main shopping streets, Via del Corso. Many of Rome's major sights are all in this area with Piazza Venezia, Piazza S. Apostoli and the Trevi Fountain all close by. I know the challenge of finding locations when travelling. I have included some notes below.

It was in 1997 that I enjoyed meeting Marco's father, Augusto Parascenzo. He showed his large collection of current, limited editions and vintage pens. We talked about pens and enjoyed a great lunch at a nearby restaurant. His wife, Giusy, trained by pen companies on the repair of pens and assists with any adjustments to a pen required. When Augusto passed away Marco and his sister Sabrina continued with the business.

I have visited the store almost annually. Marco and Sabrina and the staff run a great shop. On many days Giusy is there, and with my most recent purchase, changed a nib so that I would have the perfect pen.

Novelli , the always have a bottle of ink ready so that you can try the nib... a point on which far too many pen stores fall short.

As I look back over the many years that I have visited and shopped at Novelli, I have concluded that many of my best pens have been purchased at this store.  My Waterman L'Etoile, Montegrappa Extra, Stipula Etruria, Omas Paragon in Saffron Blue, Omas Bologna Line Burkina, the new Omas Paragon, Arte Italiana Arco Celluloid and Montegrappa Extra Green Marble, OMAS 360 Vintage Red, Delta Re-Discover Pompei -- are all from Novelli. Many of these have become part of my Pens of Note.

Pick up a pen, and a bottle of ink is brought out, your pen is dipped and you can try it out. There are so many stores that have watched me hold a pen and never bring out the ink to let me write with it. This, after all, is what the pen is all about.

Novelli is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Saturday is is open from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The store is closed for the month of August.

Our our regular walks about Rome, I always take in a visit to Novelli Pen. Luckily if walking from the Trevi Fountain towards the Pantheon or Piazza Navona, it is right on the way!

From the Via del Corso which runs up from the Monument Vittorio Emanuelle II the store is located about three blocks up. Turn right on the small street (very small), Via Dell 'Umilta; first block in turn right again you are on via di San Marcello. After visiting Novelli you are only three blocks from the Trevi Fountain, three or four blocks from the Pantheon. We always make it a Trevi Fountain, Novelli Pen, Pantheon and Piazza Navona walk!

Map to Novelli Pen

From the Trevi Fountain, on your way to walk towards the Pantheon or Piazza Novana: I always leave the Trevi fountain on the via delle Muratte. It is a pedestrian only street you can't miss is as it is the street that has the brown sign to point the way to the Piazza Navona or Pantheon. At the second left I turn on the Via di Santa Maria in Via. Keep walking down the street. You will walk through a beautiful galleria, an arcade and enter out into the via San Marcello. I have noted the two routes in red on the map below.

Below is a live link to Google Map that will allow you to expand and explore the area. Click on the "Peg Guy" and you can see actual video of the street and can walk it from your computer!

Easy to find:



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Glenn, Marco, Luca Bagolini of SCRIBO

Glenn Marcus, Marco Parascenzo of Novelli Pen, Luca Bagilone of SCRIBO

Marco Parascenzo of Novelli Pen

Marco Parascenzo of Novelli Pen