Dryden Fountain Pens

Dryden Design Fountain Pens Good Pens at Its Price Point

I recently had the opportunity to aquire a couple of the fountain pens being sold by Dryden Designs. The pens are available from the company's website and I see on Amazon.

I frist thought at for around the $30/$40 range this pen would not be anywhere near what I would want in terms of a writing experience. But I must admit, I found the nibs to be smooth writers. After using the pens for a few days I can say I like the.

The Intense Black and Metallic Silver are similar in exterior design. Clean simple lines. A clip with enough weight that it does not bend and get floppy with use. The pens are attractive and in the hand, and sitting on the design they look good. These are one of those pens that looks way better than the price point.

The nibs on both pens are very smooth. My Intensive Black has a medium nib, and I thought that was going to be way too narrow of a width for me. Not so. It just so happened that I had a fair amount of updates to do where I wanted a narrow nib as I had to write very small. This pen did the trick!

My Metallic Silver has a fine nib, with a hooded style so only the tip of the nib shows. Now fines and my writing just are not made to go together. I was able to use the pen for some updating in a planning journal where I had to do some pretty small printing. Again, very smooth.

The pens are very narrow. There are positive reviews of the pens on-line and I have to keep in my mind that while the bigger pen is vey much instyle now, there are those that prefer a narrower style pen. If that is your style preference, then you may like these.