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This is one of the first Italian pen companies.

In 1919 Giuseppe Zanini started his company in Arona which is located on Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy. It was in March 1920, with a partner his company, named “Fabbrica e Commercio di Penne Stilografiche e Raffinati Oggetti per Arti Grafiche” — Manufacture and sale of fountain pens and luxury accessories for the graphic arts — was formed. In 1924 the partnership ended and Zanini set up under a new name — “Fabbrica di Penne Stilografiche e Commercio Stampe in genere, Stampe e Riproduzioni Opere d’Arte”. Translated this is shown to be Manufacture of fountain pens and sale of prints in general. Prints and reproductions of artworks. No short names here. The company was formally transfered to Sesto Calende in September 1925.

He not only wanted to make beautiful fountain pens, but to manufacture all parts of the pen in his factory. He never got to that point as he died ten years later. His son, Alfredo took over the company and fulfilled his father's dream. Ancora made all parts of their pens, the feeds, body and nibs in their factory.

Now, of the major pen companies only about four of the companies produce their own nibs. Others have them made by nib production companies in Germany.

After World War II Giusepe Zanini died and his son, Alfredo ran the company until 1975. It was in 1975 Ancora stopped producing pens and it was not until 1998 that Giovanni Santini, who owned a pen store in Turin that sold new and vintage pens, started up the company once more. He worked as a pen repairman so he knew the ins and outs of how pens were made.

Today, Giovanni Santini contiues with the vision of the company. Santini owned a pen shop in Turin, and he also worked as a pen repairman. In 1998 he resumed production of Ancora pens.

Ancora pens are handmade in its workshop located in Pavia, about 50 km south of Milan. They make the total pen from the nibs, clips and ebonite feeds.

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