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Conklin's name was established back in 1898 in Toledo, Ohio. It was in 1891 that Roy Conklin obtained his first fountain pen patent. Then, by 1898 he establishes the Self Fountain Pen Company in 1898. With his patent for the crescent filler in 1901, the company is now called the Conklin Pen Company. The feature about the crescent filler is that it made the pen, as advertised at the time, as self-filling. The pen was a big success. Today the continues to produce both limited and regular edition pens most based on original styles.

The company was an innovative leader during the golden age of fountain pens. But by 1938 the company was sold to a Chicago syndicate and by 1955 the production of pens ends.

Lucky for us, in 2000 the company emerged again with the production of fountain pens. The ongoing name of the company is the Conklin Pen Company.

Yafa is the distributor for the company.