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Conway Stewart

Here is a company with a long history. Two guys, Thomas Garner and Frank Jarvis, who at one time had worked for the Da Le Rue Company, took their knowledge from that company and founded Conway Stewart.

Conway Stewart Churchill

Their first focus did not involve manufacturing any pens. They would sell pens that were made by others. They started by selling pens made in England.

Conway Stewart, The Wellington

In the 1920's the company started to be an more significant company in the market. They also captured market share by the introduction of a variety of colours - bright celluloid pens were a hit at the time. Their goal was to keep the fountain pen affordable. The company rode out the recession as its pens were deemed to be a good value.

Conway Stewart continues to produce pens with a range of colours, in plastic. They made it through the depression, the Great Wars, but by the end of the 50s despite having a ball point pen in the offering, the company was sold and relocated to Wales.

Conway Stewart, The Finesse

In 1975 the company stopped production. Trademarks, design and archives remained intact, however, and this enabled a new Conway Stewart to start up in the 1990s.

The new Conway Stewart's web site is at: