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The company, one of the oldest in the United States. Commonly stated as starting in 1846, that date is actually the birth date of Alonzo Townsend Cross. The company was founded by Richard Cross and Edward Bradbury whom both came from England and at some point in the 1830's they were making jewerly and pencils.

The A.T. stands for "Alonzo Townsend". Cross and he registered over 20 US patents in 1873 marking read advances in pens and pencils. For example it was A.T. Cross that held the patent on the propel-repel mechanical pencil which was the forerunner the mechanical pencils used today. In addition, Cross's "Stylographic" pen is considered to be the precursor of to-day's ball-point pen.

In 1881 the company established its first manufacturing centre in Providence which remained until 1958. In 1964 the company moved its head office and factory to Lincoln, Rhode Island.

In 1916 Walter Boss, the company's top sales person, was offered the option of purchasing the business. Boss, and later with his sons Ellery and Russell, lead the company in a range of developments. The company only went into world-wide marketing in 1962 and in 1971 became a public company. Headquarters are in Lincoln, RI.

World-wide marketing expanded to world-wide production with Cross no longer making pens in North American, but using production facilities in other countries.