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S.T. Dupont

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S.T. DuPont Inc. | 1601 Trapelo Road Waltham | MA 02154
Alain de Charette
Telephone: (800)-341-7003

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The company started in 1872 in Paris, France. Its first pens appeared in 1973. Dupont lacquer pens are well known, the lacquer shop, located in Faverges, France is closed to the public and Dupont is secretive about the process. The sap, from the Phus vernicifera, a tree native to Asian countries, is filtered, matured and coloured according to a process known only within the family. Pens have 8-12 coats of lacquer applied. Each applied, polished and re polished by hand.

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Telephone: (800) 341-7003