Glenns Pens



This is more a historical summary, rather than information on an active pen company.

Lambrou Pen, was formally Classic Pen. Andreas Lambrou, known as a leading pen collector and expert, was the co-director of the 1987 Classic Pens Ltd. The two co-founders, Andreas Lambrou and Keith G. Brown were known for their passion for pens. They strived to create exclusive fountain pens for pen lovers world-wide. In 1990 they launched the Classic Pens CP collection.

The CP series of limited editions comprised flagship models of international pen manufacturers, fully covered in sterling silver and customized by Classic Pens. In 1988 Classific Pen was estabished in Los Angeles, California.

I remember seeing Classic Pens, big and making a statement. Lastely the pens have been less visible although as late as 2022 retailers such as Chatterley Luxuries and Pentime were listing Lambrou (Classic Pens).