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C. Josef Lamy (1900-1986) established the company, in 1930, as Orthos with a factory in Heidelberg, Germany. He started big, with one employee! He brought his knowledge of the pen industry from his job as export manager with Parker. The first two models of pen produced followed the style of the Parker Duofold. By 1933 the company patented its design of a fountain pen and pencil.

Lamy next acquired the Artus fountain pen company Kaufmann & Company which tgained access to injection-molding machines. The company was very successful in its start up producing over 200,000 Orthos and Artus fountain pens by the beginning of World War II. The company then changed to be the C. Josef Lamy GmbH in 1948 with first new model produced in 1952 - the LAMY 27.

Manfred Lamy, sone of the founder, joined the company in 1962 as Marketing Manager and then as Manager of the company in 1973. He brought on Gerd Muller, an industrial designer who had worked for Braun. Muller's design of the LAMY 2000. To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, in 2006, Lamy produced a new version of the LAMY 2000 made from highly-polished high-tech ceramic.

In the 1980s Lamy undertook extensive research on young people and the LAMY Safari was born.

The LAMY White fountain pen, designed by Wolfgang Fabian, which was produced as one of the first while pens to be produced by any company. The marketing slogan: white is nice.

In 1989 Lamy issued its own line of ink. In 2006, Dr. Manfred Lamy at the age of 70 left the management of the company.