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Onoto, founded in 1905, London's Thomas De La Rue & Company launched the first self-filling fountain pen build to ensure it would not leak - the Onoto Patent Self-Filling Pen. No longer the the need for an eye-dropper to fill the pen.

The company ceased production in 1958. But now, some fifty years later Onoto again commenced the manufacturing of pens.

In 2004 the Centenary Pen re-launched the company. The Centenary Pen, is a limited edition pen with a production of 500. The company web site currently (February 2010) list some ten different lines of fountain pens.

Care and attention goes into the nibs for these pens. The Onoto website ( provides extensive information on the options for nibs. I must admit, I was impressed with the options. This is a good demonstration of a pen manufacturer that creates writing instruments can be matched to an individual s writing needs. Good going Onoto.

In Canada, see Phidon Pens in Cambridge Ontario ( The Onoto website provides contacts in other countries.