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David Oscarson


It was in 2000 that David Oscarson launched his branc. He has been creating luxury fountain pens.David Oscarson created the Henrick Wigstrom Trophy Collection in 2000 and with this, entered the market as a pen company. From this impressive collection, each subsequent line brought out a new point of reference in terms of pen production. In 2002 the Winter Collection involved three levels of guillochè engraving. In 2003, a filling crystal fountain pens marked another innovation in pen design and construction.

The pens are an inspiration of David himself as he designs his pens, jewelry, and objects d'art; he also oversees their production; and, is involved in the marketing and advertising.

Oscarson creates unique, high quality pens. Think of these as exclusive items with relatively low production numbers. Pick an Oscarson pen for yourself and you and very few others will own such a pen. He guarantees the pen for the life of the pen's ownership.


A recent article in the Robb Report sums it up:

 " ... Oscarson has taken the writing pen from a merely functional instrument of everyday use to the latest must-have luxury item."


Their web site, provides a means to view some of the stunning pens they have created.


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Telephone: 636-458-4345