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Santini Giovanni founded his pen company under a different brand name and worked to a point where in the past few years he has produced pens under his own name, Santini. He stands with a very small number of companies who manufacture their own parts, including the nib,  or the pens they create.    

Based in Turin, a city with a long established history in terms of pen manufactures,

First a shop; owner and restorer of pens, he began making pens in 1998 when he acquuired the rights to the Italian pen company, Aurora.

Santini is now known for his brand, and his pens. This includes aspects like the use of a proprietary piston-filling system, produced in house ebonite feeds and of course, what is rare, in-house produced nibs.   Nibs area available in sizes 5, 6 and 8. Across those sizes of nibs there is a variety width/style of cut.

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