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Tibaldi ... with a declaration of being the first and most important Italian factory of fountain pens.

Aquila Brands owns Tibaldi, and has a mission to provide a portfolio of brands whose common denominator is quality, design, technology, performance, charm and innovation, and which are distinguishable by their identity, philosophy and market positioning. Tibaldi nicely meets that mission.

Tibaldi & Company was founded in October 1916 by Giuseppe Tibaldi. This was the year of the first complete Italian fountain pen. Since then, Tibaldi has been creating pens for more than 90 years. Considering when this all started, 1916, World War I (1914-1918), the challenge to acquire the machinery needed to produce pens would be significant. Regardless, Giuseppe started a family run pen business in Florence. The first pens were considered to be a good value.

Giuseppe died in 1935 and the company went through some difficult times. Remo Pagliuca, one of sales people, became the new owner. His focus was to narrow the lines of pens and to produce pens that used components produced from various companies. By 1960 most of the Tibaldi company ended. In 1990 it emerged again for a brief time. But it was not until 2005 when the Aquila family, the current owners of the company, took over the company that Tibaldi truly returned to the market place. Tibaldi would be a luxury pen.

Aquila Brands was founded by Gianfranco and Giuseppe Aquila, renowned experts in the world of writing instruments. The company owns Tibaldi and is a licensee of DUCATI and DUCATI CORSE, JAGUAR, LALEX 1938 and SMART. Leopoldo Aquila was a salesman for pens and started a pen manufacturing plant not far from Naples in 1938.

There is a hard cover book, Tibaldi: A Story of Fountain Pens and Men that provides a history of this Florentine company. It is available in English and Italian versions.

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