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I have been corrected in my information about this company by a fellow is writing a book on Yard O Led. It seems the company was founded in 1934, not 1924 as reported in a number of sources, and by Ludwig Brenner through his application of a patent on a mechanical pencil that would hold multiple pieces of pencil lead. Some sources use the name "Brenna" but I am told this was the name given to the Brenna Fountain Pen which was marketed some years before the pencil company was started. In terms of the pencils, each piece was three inches long, and since the pen would hold 12 pieces, all together it would be one yard long. There is the background noted as to how the name of the company came to be.

The company is now part of the Filofax/Letts Group.

In addition to pencils, the company makes a line of ball point and fountain pens.

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