Inks of Note

Okay, I admit it. I am a tad of an addict with fountain pen ink. Over the many years that I have been a fountain pen enthusiast I have seen the select grown from a relatively few colours and brands to many colours and brands. Great options are out there. My Inks of Note are those inks that I tend to use more than others. Even among those, I tend to dark dark tone blue inks the most. Like many, I am almost on the lookout for the ultimate blue!

Mont Blanc Petite Prince Sand of the Desert

Writing with Montblanc Petits Prince & the Aviator - Sand of the Desert (Brown)


This is a beautiful dark brown. There are no copper, orange or red undertones, just straight forward rich dark brown. There are other colours in the Petit Prince line. The other colours include Petit Prince and Planet, Burgundy. Some find it close to the Montblanc Toffee Brown.

The ink has no shading, however, I believe because of that, it looks good whether it be a short note, or a couple of pages of writing.

This ink was issued in 2019 with one of Montblanc's limited edition pens, so this ink will not be around forever.

I like the square crystal-like bottle. I appreciate how this bottle is a full 50 ml. Will be a keeper long after the ink is gone! The performance of the ink is very good. Good flow, relatively quick dry time. It has worked fine on just about any pen I have loaded.

Edelstein Olivine


Writing with Edelstein Olivine


This is a beautiful green ink, Ink of the Year for 2018. When it was released I knew this would be a colour I would want to use frequently. I bought a number of bottles even with my first order.

I find the colour looks great in full range of writing projects. Everthing from a short not to a full page of writing. The ink has a dark enough tone to hold its own. It is pleasant on the eye. In terms of the performance of the ink, it is very good. The flow is smooth. I have by this time used the ink in a wide range of pens and there are no issues with the ink. The colour if fairly consistent with a full range of nibs - from medium, to broad and also with stub widths. Once the ink is on the paper, I have found it to dry in a reasonable time, easily under five seconds. Finally, the ink dries to a good flat finish. Nothing glossy or shinny about this ink.

Filling up the pen is a pleasure. The Edelstein ink comes in a beautifyl heavy glass bottle. The shape of the heavy bottom is irregular so each bottle, to a degree, has a unique look.

Waterman Mysterious Blue

Waerman Mysterious Blue


Writing with Mysterious Blue


This continues to be one of my most trusted standby inks. I will always have to have a bottle of it in the house, and if I could only take one bottle of ink with me when I had to dash off for a trip, this is most likely the ink that I would take with me. Before Waterman re-branded their its it was simply: Blue-Black. Now it is Mysterious Blue. A well performing ink. Works great in any pen you may have. Dries in a reasonable time and dries on the paper to a good flat finish.

Since the ink was re-branded, therre has been greater consistency of colour. In the past, and I mean over the last 30 years, I would find there could be a significant variance in colour from bottle to bottle. Sometimes it was almost a green/blue. But now, based on the past few bottles I have purchased over time the blue is pretty consistent.

Rohrer & Klinkgner
Old Golden Green

Rohrer & Klinkgner - Old Goden Green


Writing with Old Golden Green

I like the olive, yellow/green tone green inks. Rohrer & Klingner has a line of fountain pen inks with 18 colours of which Old Golden Green is one of my favorite colours. I like the brightness of the colour.

The company has been producing inks since 1892. They make a number of different lines of ink, so make sure you are selecting one of the Writing Inks. I find the Old Golden Green ink to have good flow characteristics although it will a slightly slower flow. No problem, just not one of the inks that just gushes our of the pen - and why would we want that anyway!

Now take care. Rohre & Klingner made Old Golden Green in both a fountain pen ink and a drawing Indian ink. Don't use the Indian ink in your fountain pen. That will be its last fill-up.