SCRIBO Feel Mosto

SCRIBO Feel Mosto

Near the end oif 2022 SCRIBO two new Feel fountain pens  to recognize the creation of wine in Italy. In 2023 I was forunte my wife purchased the Mosto pen as a birthday gift for me. 

The Mosto reflects the rich colours of the must (mosto) created by the crushing and pressing of the grapes,. The thick and cloudy fluid is rich in a wide range of red tones. That is the colour of the beautiful resin used to create this pen. Consistent with the Feel line, there are only  219 pens producted.

 I have a number of Feel fountain pens and I like how it fits my hand and the large pen allows the resin colours transmit effortlessly.  The pen feels soild, as it should. It is turned from a solid bar of resin. The moment you pick up the pen, the solid feel of the pen is very evident.

The cap and body have a faceted cut based on the classic Doric column. Then the design of the Feel is distinctly different. It is bigger and with an appealing curviture down the cap and body of the pen.

SCRIBO Feel Mosto

Scribo Feel Nib

Karen ordered the Stub nib that is available from SCRIBO. This pen, with its 1.1 STUB nib,, resting on an ebonite feed, creates a generous line of ink on the paper.

The Feel pen is fitted with a gold finished 18 kt gold nib. The nibs are part of the specific features of the SCRIBO pens. SCRIBO owns the tooling that exclusively produced the OMAS nibs.

The piston pulls up a good supply of ink, 1.48 ml - enough to provided a good period of writing before the pen needs to be filled again.

Writing with the SCRIBO Feel is a great experience. The nib effortlessly slides across the page. The nib is very responsive to pressure and the variation in line strokes considerable.     

The cap can not be posted on the pen, however, I have found the body long and wide enough to sit comfortably in my hand. The facet cut to the pen creates the multiple flat surfaces that help to prevent the pen from rolling off the desk.


SCRIBO Feel Mosto


Subtle and Variable Colours

I like how the colour of the pen changes as light hits the various colour tones of the resin. Thre are red tone ranging from orange to dark purple in the resin. 



SCRIBO Feel Mosto