SCRIBO Feel Viola

SCRIBO Feel Viola

SCRIBO has been releasing two Feel fountain pens in each, typically one in the Spring and Fall. The pens are produced in a limited quanitity, 219 pens in each colour. Typically the pens sell out in a relatively short time frame.

The story of the Viola and the Fiorita is the colour explosiion that takes place in Italy each spring. In this case, there are a couple of weeks during May and July of each year, near the “Sibillini mountains” in Central Italy between Marche and Umbria, where the fields become a mosaic of colors. The spectacle of nature is called “La Fiorita” of Castelluccio di Norcia.

The Feel Viola is has the mix of dark and light violets in a mother-of-pearl violet resin. It comes a live as the light hits the touches the pen.

The Feel is hand turned from a solid bar of resin. the moment you pick up the pen, the solid feel of the pen is very evident.

The bold look is in a way similar to Art Italiana line produced by OMAS in that the pen is based on a Doric column. Then the design of the Feel is distinctly different. It is bigger and with an appealing curviture down the cap and body of the pen.

SCRIBO Feel nib

Scribo Feel Nib

Karen ordered the Stub nib that is available from SCRIBO. This pen, with its STUB nib, writes a broad, thick line of ink on the paper. It is a big wet nib. I like the way it writes on good writing paper. I have found that in using cheap office-copy paper, too much ink bleeds and the writing is more difficult to ready. But then again, no one should be using cheap copy paper to wrtite with a fountain pen.

The Feel pen is fitted with an rhodium finished 18 kt gold nib. The nibs are part of the specific features of the SCRIBO pens. SCRIBO owns the tooling that exclusively produced the OMAS nibs.

The piston pulls up a good supply of ink, 1.4 ml - enough to provided a good period of writing before the pen needs to be filled again


Scribo Feel Viola


Subtle and Variable Colours

I find the pen veryh exciting to use as there is an ever chaning colour range. As light meets the mother-of-peal resin, the light tones break free of the relatively stable colour.

This being a special gift, well I got the full-meal-deal. Karen presented the pen to me complete with a bottle of matching Notturno Viola ink. Not only are the SCRIBO pens stunning, but their inks - they are an experience. The inks come in large glass square bottles. The bottles are indented in the bottom so they can be stacked. Inside the bottles is a very well performing ink. It is dark and well flowing ink. The colour has enough density that even with a broad stroke the line looks great on the page.


Notturno Viola Scribo Ink