Chatterly-Delta, Stantuffo Mocha, Matte

A beautiful resin fountain pen with a matte vs polished finish.

Chatterley & Delta Pen Creations

This Limited Edition pen was made by Delta for Chatterley Pens. In 2015 I acquired the pen based on how the DolcE Vita body is such a good fit for my hand, and I like the number size six 14 kt gold nib fitted with the pen.

The cream white and black tones are nicely accompanied with sterling silver gold plated trim. Delta made 18 pens. In Italian numbering , the numbers start at 0, and I have pen 0/18.

It must have been a very popular pen as later, Chatterley arranged to have Delta make another 18 pens with a size eight 14kt gold rose gold nib. The pen is fitted with sterling silver plated with rose gold trim.

I first saw the pen while attending a pen club meeting. I was taken the attractiveness of the matte finish. Rather than the normal buffing and polishing, the matte finish leaves the pen feeling very warm to the hand, and rather reflecting light off the body, the matte finish seems to allow the eye to fully explore the pattern of the resin.

The acrylic resin is in black and white in a sporadic pattern and there are faint traces of brown to build added interest. It is a beautiful pattern, one that stands out from many other pens.

The pen body is that of the classic Delta Dolce Vita, A size that just fits in my hand oh so well. The Delta nib is very smooth writing and the piston fill, made by Delta in their factory, has been very very dependable.

Here I am decades later and still enjoying the pen as much as the day I received it. I am very drawn to black and white pens and the swirls of colour in this pen are very attractive. It has a classic look. I probably should have bought one of the second run pens with the number eight nib. But it is easy to say what you should have done.

Some nine years later I still lover writing with this pen. On that note, in 2024 I have a stunning black and white celluloid pen from Leonardo Pen that was made exclusively for Novelli Pen in Rome coming. The celluloid has a totally different black white pattern look. The pen is fitted with a large number eight nib, so that meet help to close the story.