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The Delta Dolcevita has been a long time favorite pen of mine. When Leonardo issued the Momento Magico DNA well, that had to be a pen I added to my collection. I immediately contacted Marco at Novelli Pen.

Momento Magico DNA

I like the Magico line of pens. The piston fill is great and the pen certainly hold a good supply of ink, 1.5 ml. In 2022 the line was updated with some significant changes. A small brass ring is now at the bottom and top of the transaprent grey ink-view window and the cap now screws on and totally covers the ink-view window. Two very nice changes.

The Magico line, while similar to the Momento Zero line has differences that do result in a slighly difference experience in the hand. The Magicol is a slightly lonber pen (145 mm vs 142 mm). The cap is longer (67 mm vs 65 mm), The pen has a threaded cap that easily posts to the body of the pen.

The Magico uses an in-house designed and manufactured piston ink feed. It is one of the largest piston fill capacity available, holding 1.5 ml of ink. Leonard also has available a tool that allows the removal of the piston mechanism.

My pen is fitted with a steel number six 1.1 Stub Nib. It is a very smooth writing pen. The steel nib is available in five widths: Extra Fine, Fine,m Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1. If you choose a Gold Nib it is available in six versions as it alsol has available the Elastic EF width. Pens fitted with a steel nib have an ABS feed, with the gold nib an ebonite feed.

The Magico DNA has a distinctive clip band. It is engraved metal with a three-dimensional pantograph that depicts the shapes of the handles of a Roman amphorae. There were used by the Romans to carry water, wine and other liquids.

The pen is a pleasure to hold, the conical end of the cap and the body don't leave you with the feel the pen just ends. The design of the pen is purposeful and continues from point to point of the pen.


Momento Magico DNA

The Magico DNA - a pleasure to hold.


Momento Magico DNA

Magico DNA

My Momento Magico DNA with a view of the atttractive cap bank and the new grey ink-view window with rings.






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