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kyo-no oto

The inks are made by Kyo no oto in Kyoto, Japan. The colours are inspired by locations in Japan. The inks are crafted according traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The kyo-no-oto branded ink comes in five colours:

    • No 01 - Nurebairo (Black) - the name is to represent a women's glossy black hair.
    • No 02 - Imayou-iro (cherry blossom tone)
    • No 0 3 - Kokeiro (moss green)
    • No 04 - Yamabukiiro (gold-brown)
    • No 05 - Aonibi (blue-black)

There are also colours branded Kyo-iro - I have not tried or seem samples of these colours, however, for reference the colours that are available are:

    • Stone Road of Gion (brown/gold)
    • Soft Snow of Ohara (blue/purple)
    • Flaming Red of Fushimi (red)
    • Moonlight of Higashiyama (brown/gold)
    • Cherry Blossom of Keage (red/burgundy)

kyo-no oto ink