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Great Pen Stores - Stores of Note

The selection, the service, the staff make shopping at these stores a great experience.

Great pen stores, or Pen Stores of Note, have a unique factor.

The selection of pens available is only one aspect. The store and the staff create a environment that that is all about owning and writing with a pen of choice.

Great stores don't just present a selection of pens. They encourage you to try a variety of pens and make a good selection on the right pen for you. Their staff have knowledge about pens. A great store knows you may not buy the pen the first time you look at it. There is patience as you come to the conclusion of the pen that is right for you.

There are on-line options. But I prefer, where possible, going into a pen store, trying a selection of pens, and if possible, different nibs and then making my selection while having a conversation while I do and building an relationship with staff of the store.

I enjoy visiting pen stores in the various cities I have visited. Usually within minutes of entering a store I get a feel.

Great Pen Stores, or Stores of Note, are listed by the following country groupings: