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Pen Stores

List of Stores and Great Stores

Through my travels, and the contributions of others, I am pleased to provide a directory listing of pen stores. The pen stores are grouped as follows:

On-line pen retailers are a good option for a buyer. Sometimes because of location, an on-line purchase is really the only option.

A number of retailers operate both a physical and on-line operation. Where possible, I seek out and enjoy the real experience of visiting a pen store. Nothing like trying your pen before you buy it.



E E Ercolessi in Milan

Of the pleasure of walking up to a large pen counter and trying our various pens. E.E. Ercolessi has been a main stay in Milan for many years.


In pen stores you can select and try. La Stilografrica in Milan will certain meet any expectation.


I enjoy window shopping both outside and inside the stores. Novelli in Rome has lots to look at!