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Leonardo Officina Italiana has its own line of ink that comes in a range of colours. As of November 2021 the colour options are:

Black Intenso, Blue Mediterraneo, Deep Purple, Green Foresta, Red Passion, Taurasi Red (Wine), Sepia Classico, Smeraldo Stone, Turquoise and Noce Moscata Brown(Nutmeg).


The ink comes in an attractive eight-sided glass 40 ml bottle. The design of the bottle is good, in that it is higher than its width. That makes it easier to fill pens with large nibs and also give you better access to ink as the overall level of ink drops.

It looks good when sitting on the desk as has enough weight. The heavy plastic cap has a rounded top so holding the bottles feels good in the hand.  


Blue Mediterraneo

Leonardo Ink


I must say that I like this ink. From the first time I used it I was drawn to the rich blue tone. The ink has good flow and writing is a pleasure. The blue has a bold colour giving your writing a real presence on the paper. The dye-based ink has good colour and there is a bit of shading depending on the nib in use. Dry time is nicely under 10 seconds. The ink, as with most, is not waterproof. So far I have used the ink a a few different lines of pens, mostly in Leonardo pens, and there is good performance across the board.

I also like the bottle. The bottle and the cap feel very good in the hand. The style of the bottle makes filling pens easy as the bottle has a higher-than-wider design.


Leonardo Blue

Red Passion


Red Passion


A smart looking red that has a good strong presence on the page. I like the strength to the colour. There is a bit of a burgundy tone to the red. Some reds can be harsh on the eye, and a full page of text can be had to take. No so with this colour.

The ink has very good flow, and relatively quick dry time.

Black Intenso

Black Intenso


Fountain pen users are often on the search for the perfect black. Well, this deep, rich black from Leonardo pen is right there at the top of the list. I was impressed with the deep rich tone. There are no undertones of other colours coming through. Just a rich dark black.

Your writing will leave a written message with a solid colour. Dark and persuasive. The flow of the ink is excellent. It so nicely flows from the nib. The dry time is reasonable. All round this ranks as a great ink.


I will have to acquire more Leonardo pens and request some of the other colours!

Noce Moscata Brown (Nutmeg)

Leonardo Noce Moscata Brown




This new colour was released in 2021 and I must admit, from the moment I wrote with it I liked the colour. At some times it looks like an interesting red. Other times I see the brown in the ink. The characteristics of this colour is consitent with the overall line. Good flow and reasonable dry time. The colour goes onto the page in a flat (non-sticky or raised) finished. In other words, opnce the ink dries you don't "feel" the ink on the paper. The colour is very interesting and it leaves an impressive look on the paper.