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Noodler’s is a well known ink company that when it came on the market caused quite a stir. Now there were so many options for colours and speciality inks. Owner Nathan Tardiff is a legend. His work to create inks of high quality, different standards and a range of colours is known by fountain pen and ink afficionados around the world.

Well widely know, it is a brand of ink that has the full spectrum of views. Manhattan Blue used to be produced exclusively for Arthur Brown shop. When it went out of business, Fountain Pen Hospital managed to carry the ink. Now it’s called Blue Manhattan but I believe it’s the same ink.

Noodler's produces standard, lubricating, eternal and invisible inks. Price wise you will find the ink one of the better priced inks available.

According to Noodler, the waterproof/fraud proof line of inks cannot be altered by rain or bleach/ammonia. The inks consist of over 97% water content and simply rinse, or rub materials such as lucite/celluloid/acrylic rod stock testing and ebonite testing stock. The magic takes place when the ink hits cellulose paper.

There are way too many colours to list. For blues, there are more than 30 different colours! That can keep you busy.

Manhattan Blue

Manhattan Blue is an exclusive colour that was originally produced for the Arthur Brown Pen Shop in New Yorki. Now closed, I can remember visiting the store one one of my visits to New York.

I was instantly drawn to the dark rich colour of blue. Boy did this ink look good on the page. I found the ink to have good writing qualities. It does not have the wetest flow, but I had no problem using ink. On reasonably good paper there was no feathering. On the cheapest of office paper, and my office had that, you would find some feathering, especially if using the back side of the sheet of paper.

I bought a number of bottles and used it for a number of years.

When Art Brown closed, another store in New York, Fountain Pen Hospital, carried the ink. The ink is now called Blue Manhattan and is basically the same colour.




Noodler Manhattan Blue

Noodlers Ink