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Parker has been making inks for some 60+ years. The current standard bottle is 57 ml in a well-styled bottle (it is taller than wide). The bottles are made for Parker, as the company name is on the bottle in raised letteting. Parker ink is made in France. It is considered by many as an everyday working ink. You just use it.

The three colours availble in North America are: Blue, Black and Blue-Black

    • Blue-Black - varies by dye lot, the colour is fairly dark, flow good, performs well in both broad and medium nib pens.
    • Blue - a colour of blue that won't have anyone look twice at your document! I say that because it is a relatively middlle of the road, lighter toned blue. Not only is the ink "weak" in colour tone but it has a long dry time. It needs care as you use the ink or you wiol have ink smears all over the page. I think you may find that the best thing going for this ink is the price.
    • Quink Black - mixed reviews on this ink. They range from being not one of the blackest inks around to a very underrated ink. Described as a "moderate black" with a blue-gray hue. Moderate flow. Good water resistance.
    • Green - light tone to the colour.
    • Red - medium colour, very little orange tone.
    • Quink Permanent Ink - Black
    • Quink Permanent Ink - Blue


No longer available, but for the almost seven years that it was was available, I must say I really liked this ink.

It was available in Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Mocha Brown, Black and Ruby.

The inks were discontinued in 2000. A much acclaimed product when released in 1993.

Leighton Davies-Smith, an ink chemist with Parker, talked about the development of the Penman line of inks in a article published in Pen World. Davies-Smith said the ink took more than two years to develop the ink. Parker was aiming at producing an ink that would be quick drying on paper but slow drying on the nib to enhance a smooth writing experience. The bottled ink came from England and the cartridges came from France. The distinctive ink bottles were designed by Lansdown Conquest, design agency based in London.

I regularly receive e-mails asking about where these inks can still be obtained. The ink is discontinued. Many of the pen discussion boards had strong feelings expressed about this ink. Comments range from staining, clogging to just perfect!




Parker Penman Ink

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