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The Maiora Pen Company, located in Naples Italy was founded in January 2018 by Nino Marino. With the company launch, Maiora Pen produced the Nettuno 1911 Collection.

Nettuno is a pen company with a long history in Italy. Founded in 1911 it is one of the oldest pen companies in Italy. They produced pens for some time. Under an agreement, Aurora acquired the Firma di Bergamo Company, Aurora manufactured, sold and distributed some of the Nettuno designs. With the launch of the Maiora Pen Comnpany, the Nettuno 1911 Collection is being made by Maiora Pen, in Naples, headed by Nino Marino. Nino has a long connection with the pen industry. He was one of the co-founders and the President of Delta Pen.

In November 2021 Maiora announced they company had acquired the rights to the Delta Pen Company which had ceased operations about five or so years ago. An agreement transfers the property to the Maiora Pen Company. The announced clarified this was both both tangible and intangible properties. The material rights include: all Delta's goods, material warehouse, equipment, machinery and furnishings. The intangible asses include the use of the Delta and Markiaro brands, patents and entire history and images of the Delta Company. The reaction in the pen community has been very positive with a real desire to have Delta pens once again being made availalble.

Maiora is represented in North America by Yafa Brands






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