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1930s & 40s

That Radius line of pens were originally introduced in the 1930s and 1940s, operating under a company in Turino, SAFIS (Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Stilografiche). At the time, the town of Settimo Torinese, just outside of Turin, was the "pen capital" of Italy with many companies producing pens. At the peak, around 1940 it is said there were over 160 pen manufactures in place.

Radius was one of the Settimo Torinese companies and in 2024 the Radius brand has been reborn by Mariafrancesca and Salvatore Matrone.

The company has initially issued three collections

of pens.

Autarchica & Superior - the collection has pens inspired by the magic of the Italian Cinque Terre. the Autarchica collection uses steel nibs, the Superior collection uses 14 kt gold nibs. The pens use a piston fill ink supply system.

Settimo - a linkage with history. Settimo is a commune seven Roman miles fromTurin and was a centre of production of the post-war period. The pens have a steel nib and a cartridge converter ink supply system.







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