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Montegrappa Mia Novelli Autumn

Novelli Pen in Rome worked with Montegrappa to create a pen exclusive to Novelli. The Autumn is the Mia pen using a resin, created by Montegrappa, with a beautiful colour only available at Novelli.

Novelli Autumn

In November 2021, I was in Rome and visited with Marco at Novelli Pen. As with my regular visits, I select a number of pens of interest from the counters, and Marco places them in a tray. Then it is to the counter and I test each of the pens with the challenge to eliminate the many and arrive at one or two pens to acquire. When I first saw the Novelli Mia Autumn fountain pen, it sent into the tray, and my attachment to the pen increased as soon as I wrote with the pen.

Novelli had 50 pens created in this limited edition colour.

The Mia Body

The Mia has been part of Montegrappa's pen lines for a number of years. I already own a Montegrappa Mia in yellow celluloid so I am familiar with the shape and size of the pen. I find this a very comfortable pen to hold the smooth style of the pen has a classic, vintage appearance. The Mia is 140 mm in length (capped) and 125 mm body only, there is a good width to the pen with a maximum diameter of 16.5 mm. When open and capped the overall length is 158 mm. The weight of the pen is and easy to hold 31 grams. The trim is stainless steel giving the pen a crisp clean look. The stainless steel trim provides the traditional classic look of the Mia line, however, results in a very reasonable price point for the pen.

A feature I like is the ability to post the cap when writing.

Ink Filling System

The pen uses a cartridge/converter filling system and this helps to contribute the overall light weight of the pen as well as keeping the price point very reasonable.


The Novelli Mia Autumn is available with a JoWo steel or 14 kt gold rhodium plated nib, available in six widths: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 1.1 and Stub 1.5. I have the 14kt gold Broad nib.



Montegrappa Mia - Novelli Autumn


The Resin

Montegrappa created the acrylic resin for the 2021 issue of the Mia line. Marco worked with Montegrappa and selected a beautiful brown with streaks of yellow, orange, browns and greens to create an appealing fountain pen. When I was in the Novelli store I had the opportunity to look at a number of the Mia Autumn pens. The resin for each pen has its own variations, each being just a little bit different.

I like the pattern as every time I hold the pen I see a different colour combination. For me, the resin has a classic look, a variation of pinstripe lines, with with a little more excitement because of the movement of the lines of colour along the length of the pen.

There are pens using what is referred to as Primary Manipulation resin - resuns wuth free flowing lines of colour that swirl along and around the body of the pen. What I like about the Montegrappa Mia is the pattern runs the length of the pen in relatively straight lines rather than be more random curves. I feel this gives the pen a combination of a sophisticated look as well a longer visual appearance of the pen.

Novelli Mia Autumn

Novelli Mia Autumn

Writing with the Novelli Mia Autumn

When I wrote with the pen in the store I immediately liked the smoothness of the gold nib and the feel of the pen in my hand. The widest part of the body is right above where the nib and body sections of the pen meet. This is perfect for how I hold the pen and gives me the feel of a wide pen. Here there tapering of the body to nib section is slight so there is not a feeling of too large of a difference in width. Visually the pen has good lines.

The 14 kt gold nib is very smooth and the ink flow leaves a beautiful line on the page. Having acquired this pen while I was on a holiday in Italy I wrote with the pen each evening while updating my travel journal. The pen performed well providing a consistent reliable flow of ink. It was comfortable to hold making my writing time a pleasure.

I have a number of Montegrappa fountain pens and this is an excellent pen to add to your collection as an everyday writer or as your introduction to the pens of Montegrappa.


Montegrappa Mia Novelli Autumn

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