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Delta Chatterley Fusion Star, Satin Green

Subtle is sometimes more impressive, and that is my view of the look of the Dolcevita Fusion fountain pen by Delta in Satin Green. Delta created the pen for Chatterley Pen as part of their Fusion Star line. There were 18 produced, and I am pleased to have pen #4.

I have a number of the Fusion Star pens, and I find the size of the pen perfect for my hand. The pen is about 145 mm in length. The width of the body a good 16 mm.

The pen is fitted with a smooth writing Delta Fusion Nib, size #6, in a stub width. For me, I have found this combination of pen size and nib a great writing pen and I have a number of the pens. I was actually one of the first writers to receive a Delta Dolcevita fitted with the Fusion nib when I visited Delta, in 2012. The nib is a combination of a steel base and a layer of 18 k gold. The two metals are fused together. The theory of the technology is when the two metal characteristics are fused, the gold conducts warmth to the steel and this enhances the flow of ink. Something like that. Delta worked with the University in Naples on the project. I known from my own use, and the comments of others, the result is a very smooth writing nib experience.

The pen uses a ratchet piston fill mechanism, for which Delta is known. It is considered one of the better piston filling systems. The ink chamber holds a good amount of ink and a small view window allows you to see when the ink chamber has or does not have ink.

The trim on the pen is top notch - gold on sterling silver.

The colour is interesting as the pen is not a flat constant green, but a soft green with some broad streaks of lighter colour in the resin. When light hits the pen, it really comes alive.

Well done Delta and Chatterley. 


Delta Chatterley Fusion Star, Satin Green


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