Delta Star Fusion - Satin Green

Delta Chatterley Fusion Star, Satin Green

Subtle is sometimes more impressive, and that is may take on the Satin Green Dolcevita Fusion fountain pen by Delta. Created for Chatterley Pens, this is one of a number of these pens I have acquired. There are 18 of these pens made, from a solid bar of green acrylic/resin. I have #4.

The pen, is the perfect size for my hand - about 145 mm posted, about 16 mm in width. With the selection of other lines of pens, what I would say more limited, I have taken the view, go with what you know you like. So here is another the Fusion Star Dolcevita's in my collection.

Delta Star Fusion - Satin Green

The pen is fitted with a smooth writing Fusion Nib, Size #6, Stub width. with a beautifully smooth Fusion Nib in a Stub width. I have written about the Fusion Nib, I was actually one of the first writers to receive a Delta Dolcevita fitted with the Fusion Nib when I visited Delta in 2012. The nib is a combination of a Steel nib, with a layer of 18 k gold fused. Despite the technology and the influence the two metals are to have with the ink flow, I, and I know others who have written with the Fusion nib, find it a very smooth and responsive nib.

Fusion Star Satin Green

The pen uses a ratchet piston fill mechanism. It holds a good amount of ink. I like the rachette style of the piston. Clicks are heard when you have twisted the piston up all the way. It is very smooth and I don't have to worry about stripping anything

The trim on the pen is gold-plated sterling silver - good Delta quality here. The colour is what I will say interesting. The pen is not a flat constant green, but a soft green with some broad streaks in the resin that are lighter, and really catch the light.

Delta Chatterley Fusion Star Satiin Green

Above: I have placed the pen on a sample of writing with the Fusion Stub nib. It is a pleasure to write with. Ink, Sailor Tokina-Matsu, part of the Colour of Four Seasons special line that was released in 2014. A very soft green, and seems to go so with with the soft colour of the pen.

Well done Delta.

Delta Star Fusion Tidepool

Delta, Chatterly Pen

Delta made a series of pen, the Chatterly Star Collection, for Chatterly Pen. This is one of the Fusion Star series, The Dolcevita body, fitted with the Fusion nib.

In 2012 I had the pleasure of visiting with the folks at Delta at their factory, located just outside of Naples. When talking with the Delta folks, they were pleased that because of their method of production, they are able to work and turn out pens in relatively small production numbers.

I will be returning to visit with Delta in 2014.