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Pens of Note - Leonardo Furore Mosaico Blue (Vancouver Pen Club)

Leonardo Furore Mosaico Blue - Vancouver Pen Club

In 2022 the Vancouver Pen Club asked Leonardo Pen in Italy to create another fountain pen for its members. The first pen was by Delta, the second and now third pen by Leonardo Pen. Salvatore Matrone led the work on all three pens.

Leonardo Officina Italiana issued the first Furore pen in 2018. I remember visiting Salvatore Matrone just before the line was shipped. I must admit the workshop full of the bold colours of the Furore line was quite the sight. I have enjoyed writing with mine from day one. The bold colours were inspired by the colours of the Amalfi Coast. Furore is one of the beautiful secluded bays on that Coast.

The Club choose the Furore model because they wanted a distinctly different shape from the previous two pens. Members were surveyed as to colour preferences. Blue was a leading colour and with that information Leonard Pen was asked about choices of resin. The distinctive Mosaico Blue was offered and it became the material for the 2022 pen.

The club worked with Salvatore on the resin and trim colours. A full range of nib widths were made available to the members. These include the Cursive Smooth Italic nibs in Medium or Broad, the Elastic nibs in Fine and Extra Fine, an Architect cut, and the full range from Extra Fine to Stub. Members selected nibs in both Steel and Gold materials.

The Furore model is very pleasant. It is a vintage inspired design, with a look found in the iconic Italian and American fountain pens. In terms of American pens, the Future echoes the design of the Sheaffer Balance which was very popular in the 20 and 30's. The smooth rounded ends make the pen very pleasurable to hold. It is also a relatively good-sized pen. When capped and closed, the pens is about 146 mm in length. The body 131 mm (including the nib) and the cap 66 mm. The diameter in the grip section of the pen is 10.6 mm.

I have a number of Furore pens by Leonardo and this is now an addition to the family.

The Cap & Body

The cap and body has a very classic appearance, as mentioned, a look that reminds one of the iconic Sheaffer Balance from the 1920/30s. They are made of a beautiful resin, made from a solid rod of resin and is cut in what is called a stacked rather than linear cut. This has the patter run horizontally along the body than than vertically. In talking with Salvatore a few years ago when the he launched the Momento Zero Grande Mosaico, he told me the final results was after consultation with the resin supplier so that the final rods would yield the desired results.

The pen is postable, but I have been using mine sometimes unposted, other times posted and like writing with the pen in both forms.

The colours range from deep dark, to mid tone blues with tan and gold tones. I can just look at the colours and they appear to move before my eyes. I know from using my Mosaico Blue Momento Zero Grande last year and writing in my Journal and writing at a desk outside in the patio, when the sunlight hits this pen, hold on.

The pen case has a single band engraved: Vancouver Pen Club, with a small cap ring above and below. Between the rings are rings of resin. There is also a ring at the top of the nib section that nicely aligns with the base of the cap.

VPC Furore Cap with band

Furore pens used to have engraved on the body Leonardo Officina Italiana and the number of the pen. The new Furore pens, as with this one, now have the engraved information on the cap. Mine says: LEONARDO 01/30.

At the end of the pen body is a cap which can be twisted to remove. This exposes the end of the special in-pen converter ink chamber. You can fill the pen by turn this nib keep you fingers away from the actual nib section and the ink bottle. Of course you can also screw off the nib section and fill the pen that way.

The patterns changes from one side to the others. Want to nicely line the body and cap up? Turn to unscrew the pen three times, then close. You may have to do it once or twice, but you will be amazed how it all lines up.

Furore Mosaico Blue VPC

Leonardo Furore Mosaico Blue

Leonardo Furore Mosaico Blue (Vancouver Pen Club)

The Nib

The Furore model for the Vancouver Pen Club has JoWo Steel or gold nibs. Members selected the nib style and material desired. I have the pen in a 14 kt gold Stub 1.1 width. This is a width I find very versatile and I can use it for writing on lined travel journals or more open blank paper writing. The nib is very smooth and for pens fitted with a gold nib, they pen in fitted with an in- house made ebonite feed. The ink flow is perfect.

VPC Furore Nib

The Cursive Smooth nib in steel is a pleasant surprise. Oh my, what a pleasant writing experience. I am sure that this nib style is going to be very popular.

Furore Masoico Blue - Club Band

Band is engraved: Vancouver Pen Club

The Furore Mosaico Blue was produced for the members of the Vancouver Pen Club with thirty (30) pens created. Each member received a numbered pen, with the number showing on the cap, beneath the brand name: LEONARDO

Grazie Leonardo Pen!

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