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I have the Momento Zero Grande Girasole. It is such an attractive pen. When I saw a photo of the Miellefiori I knew these two pens were meant to be together! So I was in contact with Novelli Pen and placed my order.

Momento Magico Miellefiori

During 2021 Leonardo issued a new line of pens, the Momento Magico. Similar to the Momento Zero, however, with some key differences. The Magico line is piston filled and includes the updated cap band with a geometric pattern rather than two or three rings as found on the Momento Zero line at the time. Being piston filled, the pen includes an ink view window just above the nib section. The ink view section is clear allowing the colour of the ink to be seen.

Leonardo announced the line saying it was the poetry, architecture and art of Italy and Sicily, as influenced by Greece's influence as well as the art of Italian film Directors such ass Roberto Rossellini that came to play in influencing the Magico line.

While very similar to the Momento Zero line, there are differences in the size the structure of the pen. As mentioned, the Magical line uses a piston for its ink fill mechanism, includes an ink-view window. The size differs in that the Magic is 145 mm in length (Momento Zero 142 mm), the cap is longer on the Magico (67 mm vs 65 mm). I like the feel of the Magico in my hand. The size difference does not create a difference, I do like the look of the longer cap. The pen has a threaded cap and the cap easily posts to the body of the pen.

The Magico uses an in-house manufactured piston ink feed. It is one of the largest piston fill capacity available, holding 1.5 ml of ink. With this line, there is the option to order a specific tool that allows the removal of the piston mechanism.

Momento Magico Miellefiori

There are a number of different pens materials in the line. The pens come with a number six steel (EF, F, M, B Stub 1.1) or gold (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1) nib widths. The gold nibs are also available with an Elastic EF or F nib. Pens fitted with a steel nib have an ABS feed, with the gold nib a ebonite feed.

The Magico is available in a glossy or matt black body/cap with Ruthenium, Silver or Gold trim. or in four different marbled colours: Miele (tones of honey), Tramonto (shades of red), Pietra Salata (blues with browns) and Miellefiori ( tones of red, gold, green and blue).

The pen is a pleasure to hold, the conical end of the cap and the body don't leave you with the feel the pen just ends. The design of the pen is purposeful and continues from point to point of the pen.

I found writing with the Momento Magico a different experience than writing with the Momento Zero. It is interesting what a few small changes in design (both length and width) provide in terms of the writing experience. The two pens are very similar in size but it feels like a longer more slender pen in the hand. I like them both, but note how it felt writing with the pen.

The design is distinctive in that there is one small ring just below the twist mechanism to draw up or expel ink. Turning the piston cap to the right will draw ink into the pen, turning it to the left expels ink or readies the piston to take up ink.

Momento Magico Miellefiori

The Magico pens come in a distinctive Leonardo box with a sleeve designed for the collection. The cut-out on the sleeve is the new geometric design used on the cap band.


Momento Magico Miellefiori

Momento Zero Grande Girasole

My Momento Magico Miellefiori is fitted with a very smooth writing Steel nib in a Stub 1.1 width.

Momento Zero Grande Girasole

Momento Magico Miellefiori

The distinctive new geometric cap band used on the Momento Magico line (left) and the 10 mm ink view window just above the nib section (right).

Leonardo Momento Magico Miellefiori

The Miellefiori in your hand is like holding a field of flowers.

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