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An often used phrase for those that use fountain pens is - you always need a great black pen. The Leonardo Audace Art Nouveau Guilloché fits this in terms of its size and writing performance.

Audace Art Nouveau

I really like the Audace Art Nouveau fountain pen. As a starting point it is a great black pen that looks good. It is the type of black pen that should be part of anyone's collection. The size of the Audace is substantial. You know you are holding a big pen, yet despite its size, it is a comfortable pen to hold.

The size eight nib carries the size profile through the entire pen. This is important in terms of the overall look. I believe the size 6 nib is big enough also. Sometimes pens have undersized nibs and the combination does not look right. 

 The Audace Art Nouveu Guilloché is a limited edition pen released in the fall of 2023. There are 223 pens produced in black and 123 pens in Red Garnet.   

Audace Art Nouveau Cap

 The classic cap with three bands and the Leonardo clip.

Audace Art Nouveau Nib

La Fenice, Number 8 gold nib.

Audace Art Nouveau

The Audace Art Nouveau Guilloché

Writing with the Audace

I knew from the moment I picked up the pen it was made for my hand. I have been using the pen extensively as I was travelling at the time, and each day ended with time recoding the events and sights in my Travel Journal. I got to know this pen quickly.

I could use the pen posted or not. Either way it was comfortable in my hand. I think the majority of the time the pen has been used with the cap off.

The nib is very smooth, and the Stub 1.1 cut perfect for my writring. While some of my pens have larger cut nibs, this pen certainly worked well with my Travel Journal that has slightly narrower line spacing.

The piston twist nob is at the top of the pen, it is easy to draw up a good supply of ink (1.5 ml). Leonardo makes their own in-house designed pistons.

The 12.8 mm grip is fine by my hand, So while the pen has the look of being very large, It is not a jarring difference from other Leonardo pens. The Momento Zero Grande has a nib grip of 10.1 mm, just a bit smaller. The Momento Zero Nuvola has a grip width of 10.6 mm.

My pen is fitted witha number eight size nib. The pen is available in both a number six and eight nib size. When I toured the factory Salvatory showed me the extra housing pieces that are made for the pen to accomodate the nib size options. My number eight nib is great and it lays a generous line of ink. But the 1.1 Stub cut results in a managable line of ink.    

As a side note, the other day I was using my Waterman Opera fountain pen. The Waterman Opera is a classic. I have had it for more than 30 years. Seeing these two pens together made me thing the  Audace, 30 years from now, is going to look just great.    

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