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Pens of Note

Leonardo Messenger

The Messenger

Leonardo MessengerThis pen is about the expertise of the past, the expertise in creating a quality fountain pen, being used to create a pen for now, to be the communication tool of your message.

Leonardo Officina Italiana, or simply Leonardo, has created a special line of pens called the Messenger.

People may think of fountain pens as being something of the past. Not these. They are colourful. They are attractive. They are sleek and modern. They look young. I am sure I felt I dropped a few years just using this pen!

The pens are made from a beautiful semi-translucent resin. There are swirls of colour and peak-a-boo translucence through the resin into the inside of the pen. Depending the area of the pen, it may give a peak of the converter, or another part of the pen.

The finish of the pen is clean and crisp. A solid shape from top to bottom. No curves, no changes in size except for a slight step down at the nib section. There is a clean stainless steel clip with no ornamentation. Just a single bar or stainless steel, beautifully polished, with a gentle curve. Running your thumb across the clip just feels great. At the bottom of the cap there is a single polished stainless steel band. The band is engraved, in a trendy-feeling hand writing type font Leonardo; and on the backside, Officina Italiana. On the body of the pen there is a single band at the nib section with a wide thread to screw on the cap. A smooth writing stainless steel nib completes the pen.

That's it for simplicity in design. Nothing feels out of place. Nothing that the own would worry about falling off. Beautiful minimalistic design.

The Messenger is available in five gold colours. Green, Acqua, Orange, Red and Caramel and the production of this pen is limited to 366 pens (this is the number of days in 2020) in each of the colours. When you receive your pen, the number of your pen is recorded in the small booklet inside the box and on the cap of the pen.

The Writing Experience

The writing experience is great. It is a good sized pen. Closed the pen extends 5 3/4 inches. When the pen is open, is is 5 inches in length. If you post the cap, which I do much of the time, the pen extends to 6 3/4 inches. The body is 1/2 inch in diameter so it has a good feel in the hand my liking.

This pen is fitted with a number 6, stainless steel Jowo nib, made in Germany. The Jowo nib is used by a number of leading pen manufacturers and it is known for its quality. I found the nib to be smooth and responsive to my writing.

The pen has good size and length so it does well in my hand. This is larger than the Momento Zero, and very similar in size to the Momento Zero Grande. My pen is fitted with the 1.1 Stub, and I enjoy this width. It creates a good line with variation. Smooth yes.




Leonardo Messenger


Delta Chatterley Fusion Star, Satin Green



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