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Stipula Eturia Notte di San Lorenzo

Stipula Faceted Etruria Notte di San Lorenzo

Now that is quite the name for a pen, but this is a beautiful pen in appearance and writing performance. I also have to admit that I have not sought out a Stipula fountain pen for some time, this was a reminder to me just on the level of craftsmanship Stipula has when creating their fountain pens.


Returning to Rome and Stipula Pens

In the fall of 2021 we returned to Rome. The pandemic had restricted international travel but there was now the opportunity to follow the protocols and travel to Italy. It felt so good to be back in Rome, and meet with Marco at Novelli Pen. It seems that Karen and I have been meeting with Marco almost every year since we were married. It was so good to be back together again.

On our visits to Novelli there is a ritual. Marco and I walk about the store and any pen that I show an interest in, is placed in a felt-lined tray for further inspection. I return to the main pen counter with way more pens that I can buy, but that is just step one. Then we discuss each pen, I dip and try the pen, and then Karen writes with the pen and provides her view. I can get carried away wanting them all, she is pretty good at reminding me what I have said about my pens over many years. It is a process of moving the pen into groupings: must have, really want and painfully leaving behind. This Stipula pen was in the "must have" group from the start.

I have a number of Stipula fountain pens, with the Etruria model being model I have the most of. I like the feel and look of this model. The Notte di San Lorenzo is just a little longer than the standard Etruria. The additional length is with the cap - about 1/8th of an inch, or 5 mm longer.

This Etruria is faceted, that is has has eight sides sides - how classic for an Italian fountain pen.

Novelli Pen commissioned the pen and with initial exclusivity to sell the pen. Stipula produced 30 pieces. I am the very proud owner of pen #9.

The Cap & Body

The cap has a very classic appearance. It is fitted with the "classic" stipula clip, along with the wheat design to reflect the heritage of fields planted by the Romans throughout Tuscany. At the base of the cap are six rings, sterling silver, rhodium plated. The individual rings give a good balance of a presence of the cap without a single band overpowering the design and look of the pen. The beautiful resin pattern is visible between the rings.

The treads to secure the cap are at the very base of the pen, not in the area where the fingers hold the pen. This is a good design change and makes writing with the pen very comfortable and there are less opportunity to ink to get on your fingers.

The Resin

The body and cap are made from rods of a beautiful rich blue black resin with flakes of white in a random pattern. Notte di San Lorenzo is a 1982 Italian fantasy war drama film, winning the 1982 Cannes Film Festival Jury Special Grand Prix award.- the night of the shooting stars. The movie is about the night dreams came true, about the liberation of Italy in World War II.

Once I saw this pen, I knew I would have to have it. The while flecks catch the light as the pen moves, The resin feels good in the hand and I like the faceted body. The value of the faceted body, for me, is not only the tactile experience of holding the pen, but the security of knowing the pen will not just roll off my desk to the floor. Now there's a movie I have been too often!

Stipula San Lorenzo

Stipula Faceted Etruria Notte di San Lorenzo

The Nib

The number six size nib is a 14 kt gold, Rhodium Plated nib. The pen is available in in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub widths. From the moment the nib touched the paper, ink was delivered to the paper and writing seemed to be effortless. My pen is fitted with a Stub nib, my overall preference, and I have found th is pen to be such a pleasure to write with.

Ink Filling System

The pen uses a piston to draw up and hold the ink. When using, keep in mind that Stipula uses a reverse rotation to fill or expel ink. What? Yes, while most pistons are turned to the right to fill the pen, turn your Stipula piston to the left to fill the pen, to the right to expell ink.

Weight and Balance

I found the pen to be well balanced in the hand. The majority of time I have used the pen with the cap posted, but it is also comfortable to use with the cap off. The pen weights 1.6 oz/45.4 grams capped and .9 oz/25.5 grams uncapped.

Momento Zero Grande Mosaico

Stipula Faceted Etruria Notte di San Lorenzo

Notice how the treads for the cap to attach to the body of the pen are found at the very base of the pen, and no further up the nib section. Great design.

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