Pelikan Navona

Piazza Navona

Pelikan Piazza NavonaThis is part of Pelikan's "Cities Series" and rather than hold the name of a single city, this pen is of a particular piazza in Rome. Because 2005 is the year of a group trip we are planning were 12 friends at meeting in the Piazza Navona, when this pen came along, even my wife said "it was a sign".

The pen is only available in three sizes of nibs: fine, medium and broad. I had to special order my through the folks at Vancouver Pen to get the broad nib. It was worth the wait. It uses the nibs of the M600 series so most like a nib exchange can be done.

Pelikan Piazza NavonaI had read about the size, and being smaller than the M800 I was worried. But I tried one of the other Cities Series and was of the view it would be fine. Actually now I find it too small and so while there are some regrets, every time rite it it and its killer nib, those regrets soften somewhat.

For some, the fact that the cap has a different tone than the body may cause concern, I think the variance adds more visual appeal to the pen. Almost every year we travel to Rome, and every trip I walk through the Piazza Navona. The two tones is totally appropriate to the range of colour tones in the Piazza.

Would I buy another in the Cities Series, no due to the size; would I part with my Navona - no way.


Pelikan Navona

Pelikan Navona

Cities, limited edition series.