Vancouver Pen

Vancouver Pen Shop

555 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
Tel: 604-681-1612 

At the end of November 2022, Vancouver Pen moved from West Hastings to a new location at 555 Howe Street between Dunsmuir and Pender Streets. I had the opportunity to visit the store in December. They had nicely moved in and were using all the added space to display a wide range inks, paper, writing accessories and pens. All the great staff moved with the store and provide excellent service on your writing needs.

For those who remember the previous store, the space of the new store is impressive.

Enter the store and explore both the front area and the larger room that follows. Vancouver Pen probably has one of the most impressive selection of fountain pen inks in the city. To use that ink, there is a very good selection of journals, notebooks and writing paper. Want to get into journaling? This is the store to go to!

The room at the back of the store also holds the pen cases where the store displays fountain pens.


Vancoiuver Pen


Vancouver Pen Store

What has always been a defining aspect of visiting the store is the knowledge of the staff and feeling of comfort as you look (yes some visits are "just looking visits"). The staff are always there to help with informationa and purchasing of a pen that is right for you.

Hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. The store is closed on Sunday.

In 2012 the store celebrated its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, information on the store is below:

 » 2012 - 25th Anniversary